Fraser Island.. Remote testing

A piece played on the ride-on bass, cajun and 6 string.
These things work (almost) anywhere !

Tonewood makes a difference.

 Just completed. 

Has a solid Bunya pine front and a Camphor Laurel back.

Gorgeous tone and great volume.

It is on display and for sale (sorry.. SOLD) at David Linton Furniture & Timber Works

14 Maple St, Maleny QLD 4552... Now SOLD !
(But I am in the process of making more)

Camphor Laurel back ... beautiful.

Fret-Not !

King Billy front, Fretless with round wound strings.

Gloriously swampy.


Acoustic Ride-on revolution !

Looks like fun

Beta testing.. tough job but not really 🙂


Acoustic bass that works !

So.. What's it all about ?    Well, I've been busy in between sailing trips and such. I've come up with an acoustic bass guitar that really works !! Yep, the Chookfoot Ride-on bass. It has a big base body and a few other tricks makes it produce a goodly useful amount of db's. Gorgeous woody tones more lively than a standup bass. You straddle the thing and play it like you're riding it. The vibes feel good too ;-) . It stands on it's own,  always there, ready to ride, so you know that it is going to be played. No more trying to find that lead or shifting an amp the size of a fridge. The back corner is radiused for those of us who like to get a bit animated while playing. It's a good thing - essential for acoustic jams, campfire jams and lounge room noodling. Available in fretless too.

The 6 string acoustic guitar is also a ride-on job. It has a wonderfully fat bottom end, lower neck angle to make strumming easier. It isn't as portable as your normal 6-string but it sits and beckons you to straddle and play, it's not locked away in a case out in the back room. By far the best seat in the house. I own some pretty tasty steel string acoustics but this one gets played the most.

My Cajun drum caps off the suite. Nothing too fancy here other than it's kick note, it really thumps. So if your current cajun sounds like you are bashing a shoebox ...

So, if you're the type who has your muso friends or family drop over, imagine offering them a seat on an instrument ! You just know an epic jam will follow :-)


Hey ! a website without adds :-)

Why 'Chookfoot' ? Well it all started when my grade 7 teacher Mr Greaseback said that my handwriting looked like a chook's foot dipped in ink ! He was so encouraging ;-) Well, my handwriting has improved a bit since then but the name 'Chookfoot' has stuck.

I've done a few things over the years with the chookfoot label. In the 80's I was making fishing rods and lures, in the 00's I was gold prospecting and songwriting. Now it's the label on my goods.

New neck and headstock.

A few design tweakages -

New neck design and refined internals makes for a more playable, better sounding and louder bass.

Getting ready for production.

Oh.. AND.. Patent filed and in force ;-)

Sam likes :-)

MacKenzie likes.

Brad.. Likewise